Monday, August 17, 2009

My Trip to the Dragon Pt 2

So here's where it gets stupid. Or I get stupid at least. Keep in mind I have been on the road for about 8 hours, it's like 6pm and I figure I would get a quick run in before I set up camp.

I head up, enjoy a few turns and pass Deal's Gap, then see a sign for Dragon Works and I decide I need to look and see what it was (nothing, a stupid utility shed!). Look back to the road and Hey, what's that? The road turns to the left. Turns? Who could have imagined those on a road called Tail of the Dragon?

So remembering all my careful training, I realize the best thing to do is to slam on the brakes and fishtail the back end straight off into the gravel where I manage a cool BMX slide to a stop. The bike is leaning about 50 degrees when I stop and I decide it must be tired, so I lay it gently down on it's side. ****, quick, pick it up before anyone comes along and sees you! OK, that's better. Decided to exercise the better part of valor and turn around to set up camp for the night. First shift and the lever breaks off, must have bent it when I set it down. I wasn't even moving at the time! Not a scratch on the bike but the lever breaks off, grumble... Alright, turn around and get a couple pics for you guys to mock (who needs self esteem, right?)

Look, shiny red sign! You can just see my tire track off the road...

Speaking of the road, maybe I should look at that?

Note the cool S shaped fishtail in the gravel before I slide to the right. Nice, huh?

So my consolation prize is that I found a great campsite right on the lake and got to watch a beautiful sunset across the water.

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