Monday, August 17, 2009

My Trip to the Dragon Pt 1

I managed to get the weekend free and rather than mow the yard or do any of the other 1000 things I need to do, I decided I would head over to the dragon and do some riding.

So started out Saturday morning, not looking like a great start being drizzling out but it cleared up I was packed, let's go.

Headed into Franklin, NC. Great roads and not too much traffic.

Stopped and had lunch in Highlands, NC. Funny town, it's basically a hoighty toighty little town in the middle of the mountains. Had lunch at a nice little Inn. This early '70s Rolls Royce gives you an idea of the type of town it is. Awesome burger and the beer was great too (yes I had a beer, bite me).

Hey so I finally made it. Here's the plant at the bottom.

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