Monday, August 17, 2009

My Trip to the Dragon Pt 3

Apparently, I am not the first person to break my shift lever on the Dragon. Wheeler's Cycle back towards Robbinsville was just closing up as I got there right before 7pm Saturday night and had a new lever for me. Change it out and I back in business with the only casualties being my ego and a few scrapes on my boot from shifting without the peg.

Got up early and got a nice shot of the lake as I am headed back up. Really like the colors across the still water.

Made the Dragon without incident this time (passed like 6 bikes total at 8:30am) and got a picture of the dam.

The lake looks nice, but no swimming. The sign said so.

So heading up to the skyway there is a pretty red bridge, somehow I managed not to stare at it and run off the road.

Got a little foggy on the Skyway.

But what, me worry?

This has to be safe right? What could go wrong?

So after another run over the Dragon and back, I head home via 28, got a nice picture of the water station on the way home. Lots of great roads but decided to do more riding and less taking pictures.

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