Thursday, September 25, 2008

I bought a Newport 16 this weekend. That might be an exageration in that I bought a hull, a mast, an old jib sail, and a trailer really. But what else do you need really? . And the two Icehouse beers in the bilge were just a bonus! OK, no, I did not drink them.

I guess I would say I am new to sailing but used to go out a lot on my grandfather's sunfish up in Michigan every summer, and I have a gaff rigged sail on my kayak I have been playing with lately. But nothing bigger than that. Hoping if this works out it will be a good boat to start with. Big enough for me and a couple others.

The whole seam between the hull and topside (except the transom) was broken and had been siliconed back together. Lots of fun cleaning that out. I built a lift and pulled the top off and am in the process of fixing some bad repairs and damage on the edges.

I have a few more pics here, on photobucket,

You can see where I started to prop up the front after separating it. It actually was held together by the silicon caulk but with a ton of gaps of course. I was originally going to just clean it out and try to epoxy it back together, but I decided after poking at it that it needed to just come apart to do the job right. Right now I have the bottom almost ready and need to start on the top. I've put in about 6 hours (including trips to the store) so far.

Suggestions for how to put it back together would be appreciated if anyone has any. My plan is to make sure both mating surfaces are flat. then epoxy and rivets, with washers on the bottom of the rivets. I don't see a huge need to through bolt it, it would be a bit stronger but more money.

Also wouldn't mind some details on rigging. I know boats will vary but curious how others have the blocks laid out, etc.

It really shouldn't be too long until I get it going, but we'll see. If not I have a trailer for my next boat!

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