Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Gear Winch, Mainsheet Routing, Tiller Tamer and the death of a Rudder

So I installed a new gear winch for the swing keel, which works well. The only drawback at this point is that it takes too many turns to lift. I will end up wrapping 'something' around the cable drum to increase the diameter which will reduce the number of turns. I may also get real crazy and install some type of electric motor to drive it which would be a nice bonus. Getting rid of the thwart really opens up the cockpit. And it also works well as a drink holder!

Here you can see where I ran the mainsheet and now run it to the end of the boom. Not entirely happy with it but I wanted to go out this weekend and wanted to get it working. Basically cleat it under the tiller. Please disregard how dirty the cockpit is, still need to clean and paint it.

I also managed to put together a tiller tamer out of part of an old broken desk chair that I saved the wheel adjuster for. I tend to look at something like that and say 'that could be good for something' and in this case it paid off.

However, stay tuned for the next bit where the tiller tamer combined with some good wind gusts and a little bit of stupidity led to this, the remains of my rudder:

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